Clifton Centennial Pool

Pool Manager - Jane Miller


370 East Fourth Avenue

See You Next Year

Pool Hours

Open Everyday

Noon - 5:00 p.m.

6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. *


*Closed Saturday Evenings for Private Pool Parties

2021 Season

**Cash Only

**Flotation devices are not allowed in the Large Pool (this includes arm floaties)**

Opening/Closing Policy

The Clifton Pool may not open if...

- Current or forecasted temperatures for the village are below 68 degrees

- M0derate to Heavy Rain is Falling or Forecasted

- Visible Lightening or Audible Thunder is Occuring


The Clifton Pool may close when 2 or more of the following conditions exist...

- Current temperature is below 70 degrees

- Moderate to Heavy Rain is Falling

- Low Attendance (Less than 10 patrons)

- Visible Lightening or Audible Thunder is Occuring (20 Minute Closure Minimum)

Payment Options IL 3 5 Percent Flyer cro
The Village of Clifton now offers online pool party and membership payments as well as accepts donations
using a major credit or debit card through CourtMoney.
To make a deposit or payment 24/7, 
click on the icon to the right. 
Convenience fees do apply*