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Village Update Monday, March 23, 2020

Village Office The Village Office will remain open for email and telephone contact from 8 am to 11 am weekdays from March 23 through April 3. The office will not be open for walk-in traffic. Village email is and the phone number is 815-694-2273.

Water and Sewer There are no concerns with water supply or consumption at this time. However, the sewer system is designed for toilet paper only. Flushing wipes, tissue, paper towels, rags or other cleansing products including those labeled "flushable" may disrupt the sewer system and cause back-ups or blockages that may impact more than one household. There are no guarantees that the businesses that Clifton hires to resolve drainage issues will be available to respond promptly, so prevention is the single most important step any of resident can take to minimize any impact to the sewer system.

Natural Gas Nicor has contacted the Village to reassure residents that they have been working diligently scheduling staff to provide uninterrupted natural gas service to Clifton. Nicor staff provide an essential service and may be on-site in Clifton during the Governor's "Stay-at-home" executive order.

Disposal and Recycling Homewood Disposal continues to have adequate staff to pick-up garbage and recycling as scheduled. Recycling and garbage pickup will take place on Tuesday, March 24, and garbage pickup will take place on Tuesday, March 31 during the Governor's "Stay-at-home" executive order.

Clifton Public Library The Clifton Public Library is closed and will post an updated re-open date closer to April 7.

Board and Committee Meetings The next scheduled Village Board Meeting will take place on April 14. Committee meetings will likely be scheduled after April 7. If it becomes necessary to use technology to broadcast these meetings electronically, we will provide that information by posting it along with the agenda at the Village Office and include it in an email update. There are no plans at this time for an electronic meeting, but if the stay-at-home executive order is extended, it may become necessary to meet electronically.

News for the LED Sign Any updates to include on the LED sign for non-profits or civic organizations can be forwarded to or by calling 815-694-2273. The sign will be updated as soon as possible.

Local Businesses While the Governor's "Stay-at-home" order is intended to reduce the contact between individuals and hopefully reduce the spread of COVID19, the order allows many businesses and activities through April 7, 2020. Many of Clifton's local businesses will continue to operate or serve the public during this time. Please remember them.

State-wide Updates The State of Illinois has created a website to update all residents about the COVID-19 virus. Please visit for the most-recent news and updates about the state's response to the corona virus.

At the Village of Clifton, we hope you and your families are coping with these extraordinary circumstances, and we are here to support our residents. If you have any concerns, please contact the office at 815-694-2273 or We will post updates at as needed.

Take care and be safe,

Andrew Winkel Village President

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