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Egg Hunt 2020 Participants!

Congratulations to the Egg-hunters who participated in the 2020 Easter Egg Hunt!

  • Jacek Kulach and Constance Harrington

  • Maxon Goodrich

  • Allakay Goodrich

  • Adalynne Polley

  • Jason, Addison, Emmalee, and Audrey Faulkner

  • Dan, Susan, Katelyn, Lexi, Tim, and Lauren Schultz

  • Ainsley Porter

  • Alivia Porter

  • Braylon Porter

  • Dixie Norton

  • Todd, April, Hunter, and Ellie Perzee

  • Kylin Kafer

  • Cassius, Liam, and Hanna Farl

  • Henry Gifford

  • Maggie and Cheryl Prairie

  • Maddy Bussian

  • Laney Bussian

  • Anna, Joseph, and James McTaggart

  • Raelyn and Raegan Altmyer

  • Mayson and Camdon Mitchell

  • Rylan and Rowan Garcia

  • Hannah, Norah, Katie and Chad Crouse

  • Adelynn Greenley

  • Kayden McWhorter

  • Benson McWhorter

  • Joe, Jule, and Kohlton Kolosky

  • Anders/Slater Family

  • Randi Pierce

  • Harper, Piper, and Quentin Blume

  • Katheryn and Helen Harris

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